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Belajar SEO SERP is not in a stable position.

Just now Belajar SEO site was on top position again for "Belajar SEO" keyword. I don't know how long it will stay up there but it give me new hope to win this contest. This also shows that all SEO that I had done is in a right path.

I couldn't agree more about the other competitor site will do anything to beat this blog. It is uncontrollable and I'm sure in these two final week there will be a lot of changing in google index. A few sites that was in first page before was disappear and had been replace by bunch of new contestant sites.

When I first checked this site search engine ranking page (SERP), I was on 44 position. Then slowly to reach 33, 22, 7 and now was ding-dong around 1 and 3 position for keyword "Belajar SEO". This is a good start for me that has zero knowledge about search engine optimization in a few weeks ago.

Yes, this is the truth and I'm don't lying here although some of forumer couldn't not believe it. If I'm good in SEO, I'm shouldn't do my first mistake on url of this site and using non-SEO friendly standard template with my cute daughter picture! After I'm changing my template, Belajar SEO's blog has been rank well on a first page although it just maybe for a while only.

My first SEO reference been used for this contest is "SEOmadeEasy" e-book from Bad Callen. Although this e-book purposely to promote SEO elite but its simple tips about onpage and offpage optimization really give me a hint of a best optimization method to use for compete in Belajar SEO contest. To stay maintain on first page, I must do a tremendous amount off effort to get quality backlinks.

I'm was so lucky because still given a mandate by our Google to stay in a top ten for 'Belajar SEO' search term. If you read this Mr Mattcutts, please give me a backlinks yeah! :)

2 comments on "Belajar SEO SERP is not in a stable position."

sandy said...

for getting PR 1 what is the minimum time required for a site

Halim-Belajar SEO said...

In my opinion, this is unpredictable because Google not make announcement about it. Some site that I knew had got PR 1 just a week after indexed and some take a month.

Actually it is all depend on quality backlik that you have. Try to find forum or blog that have PR 5 above that allow dofollow.

You can add an advertisement link in the MYX Daily Top Ten Blog because some of my friend got PR 2 without much baclinks by using this way.

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