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Thank you Guys!

Note:At this time writing, I'm so excited about my blog get number one position but only for a short time. I'm in doubt whether I should post this or not because this is what I want to post yesterday. But I'm sure there is no harm if I share it right? Maybe you have same experienced that you like to share with me?
Belajar SEO imageLast night, I slept early because suddenly headache on my head. Sure I knew the reason was not enough sleeping started last week when I participated on WangCyber SEO Challenge. I was slept at 9.30 p.m.

This morning, I woke up and suddenly go to my laptop and type "Belajar SEO" search button on my google toolbar. I don't know why I'm doing that, it seem like my brain had been programmed to do it because of scared losing so much time on slept and this will reduce my optimization for Belajar SEO's blog.

Surprisingly, when I looked on google listing page for search term "Belajar SEO". My blog is top position! "Wow.. wow.. wow..", and a few time more I keep saying it until my wife woke up and knocked my head using a pillow (I guess that I've be an alarm this morning). This is an incredible result!
Belajar SEO picture
So, who is behind this? It is all you guys! You know who are you and I am appreaciated it so much. Thank you for jack up this "Belajar SEO"!

p/s: The hard things is to maintain this Belajar SEO's blog position. I hope you can give
more ideas and tips for me as I need to win this Belajar SEO search term contest that end on 16 July 2008.

2 comments on "Thank you Guys!"

Rajakamil said...

Wow, you the first. What ar e you doing?

belajarseo said...

Nothing much, just doing some offpage optimization such as this new template because the old one is not suitable for search engine optimization.

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