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Belajar SEO got a grade B+

Belajar SEO
For my Belajar SEO's blog term target report, I love to use SEO tools to check my blog grade. This tools display the report of my term targetting test and in this case was "Belajar SEO".

I use this report to find out how well my url or blog is targeting for Belajar SEO keyword. Then I can improve my targeting by diperse the keyword throughout the page. The report is broke down into a summary of term target factor and an extended analysis of term target elements and my Belajar SEO keyword's prominence within those sections.

Lucky I found this great tool to determine maximum optimization of my Belajar SEO blog. However, the tools only provide the report once for 24 hours for non-premium member. Hmm.. can't wait for another report.

2 comments on "Belajar SEO got a grade B+"

Chelle said...

That's a nifty thing, I will have to try it. But only once a day, that makes it tricky to check multiple sites for multiple keywords!

belajarseo said...

To get that features, we must become premium member. Still, I'm quite satisfy with it because of comprehensive report. Actually there are more better seo tools out there yet to be discover.

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