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Why I'm joining Belajar SEO contest?

For those of you that come across this blog then something cross in your mind about the purpose of this blog or think what is this all about, I want to make it clear by posting here that this is a blog made for "Belajar SEO" search term contest that being held by WangCyber Forum.

This is my first time join the seo contest and doing search engine optimization. Yes, Belajar SEO is the first keyword that I optimized. So this mean that I'm both thing, learn SEO and join the contest. Actually I'm a slow learner and have a short concentration doing something that need a lot of reading and stuff. By joing this Belajar SEO contest, I can get some excitement of learning SEO because the nature of competition. By the way the Belajar SEO ebook that written in Malay could help me to understand more about SEO. I'm sure it benefit me to gain 'Wang Adsense' or any other online marketing technique from this TeknikSEO ebook.

The prize actually is not my top priority but when saw my blog slowly climbing up, I knew that I'm doing something right although it seem like a dream. So, I want to win this contest and claimed as a winner! Although the prize is not quite attractive for some big player in this SEO industry but for me that still not yet own domain and hosting, this is a great start to dive into the world of blogging.

The first prize was free domain for a year, RM 100.00 cash (around USD 30.00), free teknikseo e-book(written in Malay) and free hosting. There are second and third prize but not giving away a free domain. So, I need to reach on top position before 16 July.

p/s: Another reason is, I want to improve my English writing skills as before I only can understand and read English but had a issue
with speaking, writing and grammar.

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