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Belajar SEO getting confuse now...

What I should do next for my "Belajar SEO" blog?

"Belajar SEO" keyword, my ranking at this time is in first page on google pages. Being in the top 10 position for "Belajar SEO" search
term make me so happy and feel glad for all effort that I had done to optimize it. However, this is not enough because I need to get to
top position before middle July.

I'm thanking for some reader suggestion about commenting on dofollow blog to get backlink for this "Belajar SEO" blog. I had gone
some comment but so far I'm still can't see the result of it. The reason is when I've checked my backlinks using search engine rank
page tools or SERP tool, all blogs that I had participate not appear as a backlinks.

What is the reason behind this?

The reason that I possibly think is the google spider still not yet crawl to those blogs that I had commented. Actually, how often do
spider crawling for one blogs? How long could it been crawling again? I'm getting confuse now.

4 comments on "Belajar SEO getting confuse now..."

Michael Finds Dofollow Blogs said...

Hi, you are partially right with your assumption, It can take quite a long time until as site is spidered and indexed. If you are checking with google's Link: command you won't see all the links google knows about. That is because google does not show everything. If you want to get a more accurate picture, go to yahoo and check there.

belajarseo said...

Thanks for confirming my thought, I hope all backlinks that I had done can be spidered before the contest end.

Aneesh said...

your top commentators widget is not working because you haven't properly filled out Amanda's widget installer..

In that widget installer you should have replaced


Instead of that you have used

Thats why the widget is not working on your blog..


belajarseo said...

Thanks for your concern. I just don't realize my mistake. I will installed it again as I see on your blog have provide the installment of the widget too. Thanks again!

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