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Big Mistake on my Belajar SEO blog optimization!

Belajar SEO: Learn from mistake.
Just now I have checked my SERP for "belajar seo" search term in google and I found out my site "Belajar SEO" was in rank 22. This is too bad for all the effort that I had done so far for optimizing belajar seo keyword.

Belajar SEO

However, when I was check up for another term such as "belajarseolearn" is rank 1 and "Belajar SEO" rank 38 then another term for "belajarseo" is rank 8. This is must be some big mistake that have I done lately. After I figure out this could be my url title is giving bad optimization. From Matcutt blog, I had read that url that has no space is most worst at all.

Learn from belajar seo mistake

So, what should I do next for optimize this blog.. Maybe I can modify my blogger url from to but I'm sure this will make my blog losing all the backlink that I have got. I'm still in doubt what to do next? Can you give me a suggestion?

7 comments on "Big Mistake on my Belajar SEO blog optimization!"

Do-Follow Mike said...

Have you tried getting backlinks by commenting on do-follow blogs? You can find those on my site: how to find do follow blogs Just go to my site and try it. If you do so and contact me, I will tell you another secret that can help you in your contest.
Best regards

belajar seo said...

it's not just a do follow links.. you must get a quality links. backlinks from high PR page consider a good/quality links. you should work on that.

belajarseo said...

Thanks for the site but how long usually I can get a result. I had give comment one your blog so would you mind share your secret? You can use the email that I use for comment.

abdfatah belajar SEO said...

do follow? how it's work? must try it for the ranking page. good luck.

Halim-Belajar SEO said...

Dofollow appear as a easy blogroll for you. This mean you can get love link from your comment but you must not spam it.

abdfatah belajar seo said...

comment with natural ways for the good ways links...

salome said...

Yaa i think you are good in SEO because no one shows its own mistake in SEO field
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