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Just now I has join a challenge called "Belajar SEO" that a competition in WangCyber Forum. The rules is simple, just make a blog about "Belajar SEO" keyword and those blog who get the first rank in google on 16 July 2008 will be claim as the winner.

This competition was organized by Mr. Gmos the WC300 member , Mr. Norhafidz from TeknikSEO and Mr. Suhaimi from forum to celebrate the new coming top seller e-book Belajar SEO.

What is the best thing about Belajar SEO ebook?
This e-book can improve your earning in product sales and services in the internet and suitable for those who want generate revenue from adsense or affiliates.

Okay, enough talking about that. Now. I will share my knowledge about the technique and how I will optimize this site into first ranking for Belajar SEO keyword.

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Fred said...

Thanks for registering at We will try to highlight your blog.. Keep up the great writing on SEO...

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