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Belajar SEO - Using a new template now for better optimization!

I'm using new template now to give my page more SEO friendly especially for onpage optimization. I hope this can boost my site listing because I hardly my site getting good position for "Belajar SEO" search term.

Hope my optimization is not "over-optimize" because this will lead to sandbox effect.

What is sandbox effect?

From my read on Sandbox Effect - Wikipedia, this theory actually based on those who believe it such as but not for those mathematician who claimed it just simply an algorithmic effect. It is believe that if a new site over-optimize the page to reach the top position, it will give suspicious behavior signal to Google and get a penalty by placed in a sandbox or holding area.

That is what I understand, how about your?

2 comments on "Belajar SEO - Using a new template now for better optimization!"

2mk said...

Niche templete, simple and clean. I like it.

belajarseo said...

thanks, I hope this template really can help this blog rank well in google index.

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