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Belajar SEO wishlist features in blogger and this is the reason..

Nowadays, in this world of blogging, it seems that WordPress has so much popularity among blogger as a blogging platform than other and this including Blogger. To give more competitive rival to WordPress, Blogger should develop more advance features to gain back it trust from blog webmaster.

This is a features that I would to see in Blogger platform to make it unique and more advanced. I want on the create post bar, there is some dictionary and thesaurus features that could been used for checking some definition on word. I need this features because this can help me to choose better word for specific niche. Check spelling feature also should been added with check grammar too because for better writing content.

Other features that I really want to have in Blogger is to use it as an offline software or platform then we can publish or synchronize it anytime like we sign in Picasa from our computer. This is suitable for me as I always travel to a place that no Internet connection and would like to use this features to write something, adding some pictures and design suitable template in offline ways.

This is features that I want in Blogger. Thanks to Blogger Buster for organizing the competition to suggest a new features to Blogger.

1 comments on "Belajar SEO wishlist features in blogger and this is the reason.."

Amanda said...

Thank you for your entry to the Blogger Wishlist Competition :)

I'm still validating entries for the draw, though I hope to announce the winners later today.

Best wishes and good luck!


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