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Belajar SEO | Wah, so much competitor lately eh?

Recently, there are more contestant participate in this Belajar SEO challenge although the contest will be end in two more weeks. As one of those contestant, I'm sure this is not a good news for me. Yeah, I know who I am, a new guys around in the corner doing something new about search engine optimization.

At first, my purpose is only to learn doing SEO and not paying too much attention on the contest. But when I see all my effort is working, suddenly I become more confident and a new hope to get my own domain and free hosting if I win for a first prize, starting to encourage me to win. But can I win this? For my sake, I don't want to give too much hope to this but it is easier to say than do it.

All I can do now is just doing some off-page optimization such as getting more backlinks from quality sites. I think I have done enough for my on-page optimization as I do not known what else should I do for it. I wish some SEO expert willing to help me right now.

So, if you willing to help me, please give me an advice about anything that can boost my site position for Belajar SEO keyword.

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