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Belajar SEO talk about Busby SEO challenge.

For those who join Belajar SEO Challenge must know about Busby SEO Challenge. Busby, the Australia based company that focus on website development and search engine optimization, held a SEO contest that can be considered as "World Cup" of SEO.

There could be some of Belajar SEO contestant had participated on this Busby and that something I wll not follow. Why? If you had read my previous post, I did mention that I still a newbie in SEO. That's why I only concentrate on this blog for Belajar SEO Challenge with the purpose to learn (belajar) SEO.

Doing SEO for this blog is very time consuming and I cannot do more or join any other contest because I was only part-time blogger. If I had enough time doing SEO, got listed in Top 30 is quite good enough. There so many infamous were participated and one of them that I knew was Sphereteam, winner of "seocontest2008".

At this time, they were at first ranking and I heard they got tremendous support from France government (maybe they were French)and for that reason, no more excuse to lose this Busby SEO Challenge. I wonder if I can get that support too for my Belajar SEO blog. LoL!

4 comments on "Belajar SEO talk about Busby SEO challenge."

seema said...

Thanks for such a informative n helpful blog…..keep it up.

Halim-Belajar SEO said...

Thanks for visit. I hope can use your seo tools soon!

Lumonata said...

Yes it is time consuming. But even if you are not joining you can support Indonesian that do join by giving a post and link to their pages. Perhaps you can start with a link to our page :)

Halim-Belajar SEO said...

Sure I will support them, maybe after 16 July will do some review about it and link. Why 16 July? That is my contest end so there is nothing to lose.

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