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Belajar SEO traffic stats.

This blog was specially build for "Belajar SEO" WangCyber Challenge 2008 that were launced by, and
This blog now was 1 month olds and I'm so grateful that it was on first rank on Google indexs for "Belajar SEO" search term. It traffic stats also increase within a month.

Here I will show the 2 stats for my Belajar SEO's blog. First one is date range from Jun 23 to 30, 2008 and the second was Jul 1 to 7, 2008. All traffic sources were
divided into 3 types of sources; referring sites, search engine and direct traffic.
Belajar SEO stats image

You can see that direct traffic and search engines were increasingly significantly but referring site drop around 30.38%. The reason could be my site has been visible
and easy to find in Google. However referring site still give most traffic for my Belajar SEO site.

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