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Belajar SEO will randomly visit everyone in Mybloglog.

I love to find out Belajar SEO's visitor site look like and the way I show my appreciation is by visiting their site. Let me show you an example, from my sidebar right now I saw was on recent visitor Myblog Log.
Belajar SEO widget imagesBelajar SEO's My Bloglod
So I will click the picture inside the Belajar SEO's widget, this will bring me to Mybloglog account. I will find out how many site do you put there and choose the suitable site that fit with me(if you have more than one site).
Belajar SEO visit pictureBelajar SEO give comment image
Then, I will enter your site and find the recent post from you. If your recent post is about something that I can't give suitable comment then I will find your popular post or other post that I can participate with comment.
Belajar SEO after comment picture
Do you want me to do that? I think this can improve my traffic as I had a time to visiting my visitor site. So, if you want me actively participate in your blog, do visit here often and when I saw your name on Belajar SEO's widget recent visitor, I will visit you back!.

2 comments on "Belajar SEO will randomly visit everyone in Mybloglog."

apiz said...

it's a good idea bro, give and take or visit and comment hehe

yanku said...

is good

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