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Belajar SEO after contest end this 16.

What should I do after WangCyber "Belajar SEO" contest end? Do I stop blogging this blog? I hope not. This blog really make me think about search engine optimization, and how I really missed the opportunity to get benefit of it when I started last year.

This Belajar SEO's blog really open my eyes about how big the community of blogger that passionate to make money out of their blog by branding their own names and domain. Before this, I was only knew that we make some niche site, submit to directory and hoping somebody will visit.

But now, I realize the power of visiting other blogs, leave a useful comment and make friends of those blog's authority. Without this Belajar SEO, will I realize about this all? Nope, I don't think so.

Soon, I should have my own brand of my blog. I'm still figure out what name should I use as my first brand. Whether I'm still carry this Belajar SEO name, or I just use it will this blog.

Do you had any experience regarding your first brand of blog?

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