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Belajar SEO seek for her daughter help!

Belajar SEO contest now getting more challenging with so many belajar seo contestant show up on first page on Google search. This make me worrying about this Belajar SEO's blog status. Hope this blog will maintain its position till the end of the contest.

Lucky me, my one and a half year old daughter, Aqiz come into the rescue. She will show his support by singing for all of you,! as my vip guest here to appreciate all the hard work that I've done.

This is a Belajar SEO's video created by her recently to promote Belajar SEO on Youtube.

Do you like it? Want see more? LoL.

2 comments on "Belajar SEO seek for her daughter help!"

lusia said...

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Halim-Belajar SEO said...

Is both your site? your googleadsensesystem has nice layout, it look like WP.

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