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Belajar SEO tactics to get listed in Top 10 Google SERP

I'm sure all my competitor for this "Belajar SEO" want to know how I bring my blog to Top 10 in Google search engine rank. In this final week before the end of contest, I will share what I had done for this site.

I use the keyword for my url but the problems is I didn't realize that "belajar-seo-learn" is optimize better than "belajarseolearn". The reason is an ineffective keyword will give invalid keyword optimization. So this is my first mistake that I should avoid in the future.

The same thing goes to other optimization factors that will improve my blog for search engine position, such as title tags of site, description tags, meta keyword tags, heading text, link url, link text, image alt, comment and web page body text. However, this blogspot has so many conflict when I try to put "Belajar SEO" keyword on h2, h3 and h4 tag. I try to follow the requirement for onpage optimization but the result is so disappointing. That why I changing my theme by using new theme from and it work!

For offpage optimization, I add my link on craglist and submit to Google sitemap to get index faster. Then I'm joining to social network such as to find friends that had similar interest on SEO so I can learn (belajar) from them. Another thing that I do is appreciate all visitor by visit their site through Myblog Log network and give approriate comment regarding their post. So far this work although I think there more that can be done.

Does my tactics missing something? How about your tactics for your blog?

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