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Create your own free website | Step by step | newbie guide

Hello friends!, Belajar SEO want to show you how to make your own website using my affliate hosting provider. Don't worry because it is free and you no need to pay anything.
I hope this can help newbie or beginner to make their site and in the same time helping me by sign in through my link. I think this is not suitable for those expert webmaster.

First: Register here

Free Hosting and Domain

When you come to the page, just click sign up button like picture below.

Belajar SEO tips image 1

1. Put your username.
2. Put your real name.
3. Write your email for password recovery.
4. Write your password(password must contain number and letter!)
5. put the number like in the image.
6. Read the TOS and tick the small box.

Belajar SEO tips image 2

After you done it will be like this image.

Belajar SEO tips image 3

7. Then click to finish the job and you can see you account detail.

Belajar SEO tips image 4

8. Don't forget to check your email too.

Belajar SEO tips image 5

9.Go back to your page detail and scroll down and you will see website builder and "click more button".

Belajar SEO tips image 6

10. Read the info and follow like the below image has shown.

Belajar SEO tips image 7

11. Then you will see the web building page.
Belajar SEO tips image 8

12. Now you can choose template that you like most..

Belajar SEO tips image 9

13. Fill in all the information needed. Look the image to understand more.

Belajar SEO tips image 10

Then you can click Go-->Install my website!

Belajar SEO tips image 11

12. Congratulation! Your website has done after above page showed. Check both link, the first link will redirect you to your own website and you can see "under construction" because there is no content there. Another link is admin for edit your website.

6 comments on "Create your own free website | Step by step | newbie guide"

arejae said...

im using a few testing site with this FREE hosting and so far it's okay.but for a safety reason,make sure backup your files.we don't know what will going to be happen on future. :)

Halim-Belajar SEO said...

Yeah, I agree with you, sometimes FREE stuff not stable enough but this is good start for those newbie who want to learn (belajar) about website builder.

Halim-Belajar SEO said...

Recently I had read on DP forum about 000webhost affilliate was scam and not pay the money. So don't join the affilliate because you only waste your time like me.

By the way the hosting still can be use and you still can learn to make your site.

Taman Dayu said...

Good totorial anda manual,

thanks, thas make me happy.

Anonymous said...

WOW, quite an informative post. Really great to read and quite knowledgeable too. Oh, by the way, You should also write a post on Search Engine Optimization. If you do, please don't forget to mention Multiple C Class IP hosting. It is really helpful!

Petani Internet said...

Belajar SEO memang mengasikkan,
salah gak masalah,
benar tambah sip

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