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Struggle To Find Host

Right I try to find free hosting to host my new domain because my other host that I win recently in Belajar SEO contest and you can see the prize that I quote below:

3) Third winner will get RM40 cash, 30% discount price for Ebook TeknikSEO and 1 free account ftp (5GB Space + Unmetered bandwidth + 1 Mysql db).

I had problem with that ftp account because I am not the admin for the database so I can't change it data. This is not secure enough for me and I am sure after one year I need to move out to other host so this is not reliable for me because I do not want to much hassle later on. Because of my budget, for start I just use free hosting first and after my site is stable maybe I will upgrade it too paid.

Recently I had tried to create a free host using and it is quite easy to sign up and use it cpanel plus I got domain instally with host installation. But I guess is not quite good for SEO because it has some frame that prevent GoogleBot to access the website.
Belajar SEO image wordpress
You can try to log in to the dashboard at by using username "demo" and password "demo". As you can see at the dashboard, there is no incoming link from other site such as wordpress development blog and wordpress news. So you can be sure that this kind of site is hard to get indexed.

Another thing about this free host is it has a banner at the bottom of page and I'm quite surprise about it because I had use another similar host but never put the banner at the bottom of website. I think it is still okay because it need to be scroll down to see the banner and it is quite hidden too.

So what is you comment about this kind of site?

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pizza oven said...

Hi ilmu,
Thanks for commenting in my blog, I replied to you there. It is easy to control temperature in the ovens, when the temp drops to required level, breads go in to be baked, door is closed and the temp is finely held for hours, so breads can be also reloaded.

I am having a read at your blog, good research, what will your new domain be? Yes better to have your own, private domain. Rado

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