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Do you like to comment?

Yes, if the site had give the response for the previous comment.

No, when I click on submit button after write long comment and suddenly my comment not show up and be considered as spam.

Two sentences above was my answer and what about you?

Usually I love to visit every blog when I had spare time and give a comment to any post that give me an interest. However, this can quite annoying when you found that your very long comment not show up as it is never been type. When you want to click back button your last comment on the box is empty and I'm sure you don't want to type it anymore.

That's why I usually try to comment shorter for first visit someone blog to see how their comment box function. And I'm surely don't visit it again when see it not accept my comment even thought it is totally not spam comment.

3 comments on "Do you like to comment?"

Earl Chua said...

hey nice site. im kind of a newbie with this still but i think for a lot of blogs, the comment has to be approved by the admin before it appears on there.

Halim-Belajar SEO said...

Sure, that why I'm using comment moderation before think to use top commentator too, we can avoid spam too even using blogger..

Blog for Beginners said...


It's best you know which blog to choose as the more recognized the blog is, the odds of you getting a response is pretty slim. At, I will ensure that I response to each and every comment.


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