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Using GoDaddy for domain registration.

At last, I'm using GoDaddy as my domain registrar. Previously, I had mention I want to use NameCheap as my domain registrar but they do not want to accept my debit card and paypal. So I had change my mind and choose Godaddy because I had read Shoemoney post and he mention that he is using GoDaddy for domain purchased.

So, NameCheap should not make payment process to become very complicated because this can make another curious customer ran away.

My first domain ever, were purchased from GoDaddy. At time this I'm still struggle to create my email from this domain. Apparently, access to GoDaddy site quite slow and don't know why, maybe my internet line was not fast but I had try to surf other site and it is fine.

I can choose to register my domain in my own country but in my opinion, it maybe will slow down the access page from outside country especially from US, India and other non-asia continent.

I knew there a lot complaint about GoDaddy and there are domain name NoDaddy were created to dedicate all the complaint about GoDaddy. So I hope I will not face trouble here with GoDaddy because I just use them as domain registrar and using bluehost as hosting(3rd prize).

I don't have much time to survey other domain registar because my contest organizer want me to give him domain name to set the DNS of hosting server.

So, do you have any opinion about GoDaddy as domain registrar?

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Annas said...

hi my name is Annas. I am from South Sumatera, Indonesia. I like your blog.

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Halim-Belajar SEO said...

Saya sudah melawat situs anda, PR 1 ya? Very nice!

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