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Worst Web Host Experience?

I'm searching a new domain registrar for my new site but apparently, there a lot of complaint about famous web host that giving bad support and services to their client.

(1) Netfirms

Complaint #1
NetFirms has a policy of suspending the websites based on unverified complaints. For example, I can send them an email saying that some web site is using my copyrighted logo, and they are going nuke the site without either verifying the claim or talking to the owner of the website. Their unsuspension procedure is even more bizarre -- they actually DELETE the website content (including databases and logs) and request that you'd recreate it without "offending content". You are guilty by default and get no chance to rebuttal the accusations. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Complaint #2
I am facing same problems with Netfirms. They used to be good 4 years ago, but it seems that happened to them what happens to some companies when they grow too fast. Now they have a horrible service. I have been using Netfirms for years. I used to recommend it to my customers (what a shame). I hope they forgive me now. Netfirms says you have 10 GB of bandwidth, and with 5 users visiting my web portal, their MySQL server goes down. It is horrible, and the worst thing is to contact their technical support; it is terrible. They do not give follow-up. They send you an email asking you to reply to confirm your request, but guess what? they never answer your email. My site was down for a while and they apparently tried to fix it, but they never did. Their MySQL server is unreliable. I will not use or recommend their service ever again.
[Your domain name's website hosted by Netfirms loaded okay for me.]

(2) Hostgator

Complaint #1

worst technical support, lowest overall professionalism, lowest customer care, and least dependability.

Complaint #2

So today 3 days later and 6 replies later they dont do that. It is not a specific statement this later one???

Well the story do not finish here. I add 2 more replies to the ticket providing them with all the information about the issue. And my big surprise comes when i read the ticket response (19 hours later), response says:

All of the requested has been completed. Please note that in the future, every time you reply to the ticket, it moves the ticket to the back of our queue. We work from oldest to newest tickets so this means we will not see it until we clear out all of the older tickets first. As you have seen, this greatly increases our response time although it's due in no fault of our own.

Richard F.
Systems Administrator
Hostgator Support
Well in my planet "All of the requested has been completed" means problems solved, all of them. Solved and tested by the way, because if you dont test it you arent sure is solved. But possibble im some ET.

I check my control panel and now even my main domain or cpanel works... jejeje. Now im worst. I have no other chioce than understand and reply back. AGAIN. I write in teh past saying that my account was corrupted by the backup restoration, and as i can see it my ticket was read by a human being in "blind automated mode". He or she dont take the propper time to read, analize, correct and test what im saying in my tickets. Only read the first lines jump fast to do something and reply back saying all was solved... jejjeej what a joke. This can be a minnor mistake in a hosting company with a 1 hour average response ticket system, BUT NO IF YOU TAKE 14 OR MORE HOURS TO ANSWER BACK. if you make a mistake wich such delay response time THE CUSTOMER LOOSE A COMPLETE DAY OF WORK OR BUSSINESS.

(3) GoDaddy

Complaint #1

Godaddy should stick to what they know best, being a domain registar.

They have 24/7 support but no one I have ever talked to with maybe one or two exceptions have a clue as to how to resolve a problem.

Their Shared Hosting:

If you have a basic website that is just a website, i.e. doesn't use or run scripts or is not php/asp/database driven, a basic html site you probably will not have any problems but if not Godaddy has so many things disabled because it is "Shared Hosting." The list is too long to document these things here but take my word for it; things that are commonly allowed in any shared hosting environment I have ever used are simply not available in their shared hosting environment. They did not even have cronjobs avail for shared hosting useres until recently.

Virtual Dedicated Server:

I switched to a Virtual Dedicated Server with Godaddy (more money). They told me that support for a VDS was limited which really was not the truth, it is not limited is doesn't exist.

I needed to access sites on the server by IP. I had their simple control panel and they said I needed to upgrade to Plesk to do it. I did (more money) to find out that it can not be done on a Virtual Server because it also is "shared".

I spent a week trying to setup a new database server. There were many trouble tickets and conversations with support, they said it could be done and if I didn't know how to do it I needed to pay their helping hands support team to do it at a rate of $75 per half hour. I refused and in the end I found out that it could not be done without adding software going into a clustering environment (more money)

I could fill this page with problems I have had with them and the non-existant support who can not or will not answer even the most basic questions. I have administered servers for several years and know what I am doing so when godaddy told me that if I didn't know what I was doing to pay the money or hire someone to administer the server who did needless to say I was to say the least quite angry.

Moral of the story - DO NOT HOST WITH GODADDY!!

(4) Namecheap

Praise #1

My first (and so far, only) domain has been registered with them, and I haven't faced any problems in the close to one year that I've been with them.
The domain resolved quick enough and the change in nameservers also didn't take too long. Their promise of free whoisguard for the first year was good, and my whois is still being protected right now (offer will get over this may, when I have to renew my domain)
Overall, I'm going to rate it 4 because I haven't ever had any problems with them, but at the same time, I've never had to log in very often or make many changes, etc etc.

Praise #2

I love All of my 6 domains are registered through them. Their domain name market is good for those who are in the speculation business (I thought I was until I realized that I had accidentally done some cyber-squatting instead... Now I'm trying to get rid of them before MS sends me an order to turn them over Tongue).

Domains are a little pricey at $9 for a .com/.net/.org but .info prices are decent and they accept PayPal.

I found complaint about Netfirms, GoDaddy, and HostGator but none at NameCheap when using their site name and "worst" keyword. E.g "Netfirms|GoDaddy|Hostgator|Namecheap" Worst?

So, from all the web host listed above I can see that only NameCheap that has good reputation. I think I will choose NameCheap, that depend on how 'cheap' the package be..

So do you have different view for above hosting company? Or do you want to add more worst web host that you had experienced. Please share here.

4 comments on "Worst Web Host Experience?"

Chelle said...

I have a great webhost. And they're cheap. They're not for everybody but I've never had a complaint yet.

Halim-Belajar SEO said...

I think I will choose namecheap just for domain registration because I had win free ftp account from bluehost. I hope I make a wise choice because this is my first domain!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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