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How much do you think it worth?

Recently, i had create a wordpress blog using free domain and free hosting, this mean I did not pay anything for those. At the same time, a few idea was pop up in my mind about doing some installation services for wordpress by include this free domain and hosting.

Maybe I can promote it to anyone who want to try blogging using wordpress but do not know how to install it or find free domain and hosting for wordpress installation. So, how much can I charge for my work? $10 or $5? Or maybe less?

This work including:

1)New email set up for host and domain.
2)Free domain (or maybe other free domain such as||
3)Free hosting
4)Wordpress Installation (maybe add some free theme and usefull plugin)
cara bina website
So, do you think this can attract newbie|beginner to hire me to do the job? How much do you think it worth?

1 comments on "How much do you think it worth?"

Hugo Santos said...

well, you could try selling that services. i would try first for $10 and then see how it goes

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