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Belajar SEO's Ezine articles was in Top 10

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Have you checked on Google search about Belajar SEO lately? If you have checked, you should had saw one of my article about Belajar SEO were indexed on a first page. I felt quite funny because there is no single backlinks were done for that except it give a backlink to this Belajar SEO blog.

So, why it's in top 10 from a hundred thousand site? For sure, that is because itself give a very great reputation to my articles page to rank well in Google search engine ranking page or SERP.
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So, Belajar SEO search term in Google really unstable and unpredictable. Hope my site still in top position untill the end of the contest.

2 comments on "Belajar SEO's Ezine articles was in Top 10" said...

Well done mate!
gimana trafficnya untuk keyword tersebut?

Halim-Belajar SEO said...

Trima kasih ya, trafiknya boleh tahan ni.. memang bisa bikin semangat nih..hehe

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