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There are too many SEO sites out there has a good page rank (PR) that can help my Belajar SEO blog rank well in google search engine optimization (SERP). Although Belajar should get a links but good SEO links is really matter.
Belajar SEO shows Bestofstupid banner imageI had done a deal with admin of to get PR 4 backlink. Sound good huh? Do you want to know what kind of deal was that? Post a comment below first, don't just checking my blog position for Belajar SEO keyword. LoL!

4 comments on "Belajar SEO do more effort on getting quality backlinks."

Blog for Beginners said...

Care to share the kind of deal you have there? Who doesn't want a PR4 backlink?


Halim-Belajar SEO said...

The best way to answer this is by getting here.

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. However, I rejected the comment because I thought it was a spam blog. I usually do not approve comments without a name. Do visit again.

Halim-Belajar SEO said...

Its okay. I will visit to your site because of its content.

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