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Some funny thing about Belajar SEO contest.

Now I'm understand why recently an article about Belajar SEO at Ezinearticle was in top 10 in Google SERP.

Just now I'm found out on Yahoo Answer about somebody asking about "What is Belajar SEO?" and I knew this some kind getting backlink method(will not work because nofollow).

And the funny is the response from reader name "roe" from saying that he doing some research about it and give link to my article at Ezine.. although I know the link sure not count as backlink but I got free promotion.

p/s: I vote for that response..sure I will LoL!

Belajar SEO Yahoo picture
Belajar SEO Yahoo picture 1

3 comments on "Some funny thing about Belajar SEO contest."

khairilhusni said...

haha... funny

seo consultant said...

Great job you are doing

please frop me a email

Halim-Belajar SEO said...

Sure, but wait till I fix my modem problem tomorrow.

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