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Belajar SEO next keyword to rank on first page.

Although Belajar SEO contest will be end on 16 July, I will not stop posting on this blog.
This will benefit me more as I can post frequently without need to include "Belajar SEO" for keyword density.
My thought about this blog is to make it has unique content. Maybe I will write something that I know right now, doing SEO.
Yes, I could post about my next keyword target for this blog. There a several keywords in my mind right now but I will not tell about it
here, not after 16 of July. So please wait after the seo contest end okay?

How about you tell me what keyword that you wish to rank for your site?
If you're lucky, I will help you do SEO for your site free of charge as this is my ways to learn more about SEO. My success and failure
then will be post on this blog and we can discuss about it. You got SEO and me have something to post.

Do you interested?

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Bambosi said...

Ikutan belajar donk

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