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My SEO experiment just work like a charm!

Have you read my recent post, "create your own site"? This post was about how the beginner can create their simple website by following the step by step that I had showed in that post.

I had reason to write such post and the reason is I was trying to rank this Belajar SEO blog for another keyword. This is an experiment to me and it's work!

Because some of my post was about create own site then I optimize "cara bina website" keyword. Cara bina website mean "step to make a site". You can look at image below where is my site rank for "cara bina website" search term. I hope this keyword can be easily type by visitor from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei who want to learn creating simple site.

So..what is next target?

cara bina website belajar seo picture

3 comments on "My SEO experiment just work like a charm!"

the of anchor text said...

yeah... not bad for the keyword. better rank for looking good. we'll wait for the open case about what you have do to get rank well for keyword ranking well.

Indra said...

wah.. thanks for dropping by on my site. interesting site you have as I myself is learning about SEO too. Care to share experiences and tips?

Halim-Belajar SEO said...

@the of acnhor text
I will try to do open case soon, just wait okay!

Your are welcome. Of course I will share all I know about SEO, I just newbie too, maybe I will share it in form of open case.. just pick one keyword and rank my site for it.

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