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Sub domain on free hosting also can get good Page Rank.

This is a prove that using free domain from free hosting such as also can produce good page rank for your site. My home and garden site now PR 4 with targeted sub pages for keyword planting grass seed and rubber seal has a PR 3. This is a good news for me that can't afford paid hosting services.

After this I need to produce more content for my site and optimize each keyword. All the best.

note: I think my site only 1 month old, hope didn't get google sandbox for quick PR given..

4 comments on "Sub domain on free hosting also can get good Page Rank."

abebudi said...

not only in free hosting, using your own domain is a good choice too.

Pheak Tol said...

Hey Hamil,
any pages can be ranked, and since yours is, that just means you're doing something right, so keep doing what you're doing. =]


Halim-Belajar SEO said...

Lol. My name is Halim, "hamil" mean pregnant. So rry, Didn't have time to update this blog because I have SEO project. Hope its work and MAYBE I will publish some of my tricks to rank higher. Hehe..

Hellas said...

Yeah sure it can get good PR. I have a friend with few free websites all with pr3 pr 4 and pr 5 :D

Anyway Belajar thanks for reporting the wrong backlink for my oes tsetnoc. As a thanks I want to give you backlink from it. So let me know you URL and Anchor for my blogroll there.


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