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It is such a long time didn't blogging about something...

I'm too buzy with daily life and sometimes I thought that I didn't suit to be a blogger. My other site has been parked on because my free hosting, was down.

I had created a few wordpress blog using other free hosting. Right now my account on and still active. I already mention that I'm not suit to be a blogger because I can't dedicated all my days for updating my blog. I guess I need other ways and that is building static website using wordpress platform.

I'm followed method for his case study on his site. So I tried to implement his ways on my site. I will build my site step by step and I already done the site layout and a few post already written there.

My experiment site was home and garden niche and I will try rank this site for planting grass seed and rubber seal keyword. Hope all will run smoothly. All the best.

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