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Belajar SEO talk about Comment Relish

I'm sure there are some SEO blogger who didn't use this plugin because they think it would decreases their Belajar readership. However, Belajar SEO disagree because for my own experience, when I had visited a new site for a first time, I don't really remember the last Belajar SEO blog that I had visited.

This is because I'm usually jump from another SEO blog to another Belajar blog fast. So, one way that can make me remember those blog when I check my email and got a "thank you" message. For a first time Belajar SEO visitor, this can make my first visit feel more appreciated and motivate me to become a loyal reader.

People usually don't really care whether it was auto or manual responder, just they hate when there a too much responder messages in their inbox. It is still okay although Comment Relish look like desperate attempt to promote the blog as long it is not SPAM. Comment Relish is way better than spam. In my opinion, this give best first impression because it give our first reader an appreciation message via private messages. Maybe a lot people is not agree but for Belajar SEO, because I am a visitor and reader too, agree with how useful it was for Belajar SEO contest.

But, how about you?

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