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At last, has been born...

Belajar SEO
Yeahoo.. It's takes a week for me to configure this site. I had faced a lot of trouble such as NameCheap can't accept my debit card and paypal account and this lead me to use GoDaddy as my domain registar. So far it's okay just it takes one day to update my dns server when I want to change my host.

I had change my hosting for my wordpress blog from bluehost (ftp account that I win at third place) to MeekHost - Free FFMPEG Hosting Packages. The reason of migration was I was not fully in control in that ftp account e.g I can't change password for my database because it was part of someone (contest staff) hosting account. Meekhost is free hosting that require 20 post per month to maintain the hosting package. This is something that I afford to do and their cpanel was great and better than demo that I had seen on Hostgator site, without paying anything! Their support is great too when I was in trouble to configure my site. The great thing about this hosting it supporting FFMPEG mean you can run a youtube clone site. I guess I will use this feature on my addon domain for soon.

There is no content at this time for because I'm still want to optimize it with some useful plugin and nice wordpress themes. Right now I'm still configure my plugins and theme for and currently my plugins was all in one seo pack, duplicate content cure, google sitemap generator, nofollow link in post, rb internal link, seo-image, seo-slugs, wordpress automatic update, robots meta, and wordpress stats. I not yet activate all of the plugin, I just read something good about it and just download it. Thanks for 15 most under utilized plugins for SEO posted by Yan - Blog For Beginners.

Currently I just installed two themes for and it was Ikarus themes(recently used)and another one was structure theme.

So there is a lot thing need to be done in order to make this better site. I had read once interesting post title Is Your Blog Ready? from David Shaw - Protycoon and this give me an idea on process that need to be done for new blog.

How about your first blog/site building process experienced? Please share with me.

2 comments on "At last, has been born..."

Blog for Beginners said...

Congrats on your new venture, Halim and thanks for the linky..

PS: hey nice blog name by the way...

Halim-Belajar SEO said...

You are welcome and thanks for your visit! Right now I'm still struggle to write my first post for akublogger. If you had any spare time please visit akublogger and checking if any security hole or any bug around that site.

I just finished putting empty index.html on directory to avoide any hack.

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