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SEO case study:

It is essential to specific you keyword target in order to get your site page in top position. With this I had done some SEO for my new blog article title "15 standalone blogging platform other than Wordpress". My target keyword was standalone blogging platform.

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On images above you can see that my article page was on third position, below well-known blogger Darren Rowse, author.

This article just publish on 27 July but it get indexed faster than the home page of akublogger! To get that result, I just get backlink on 2 blogs and one directory.

Do you had any similar success for your page?

4 comments on "SEO case study:"

Indra said...

how do you utilize it so that your page get indexed so fast? I'm beginning a new blog as well and looking forward to practice some SEO on it.

I see that you're a fan of Darren Rowse as well. He's a great tutor huh?

Halim-Belajar SEO said...

My new blog was using wordpress platform and I use the advantages of its SEO plugins.

One more thing to remember when your submit to directory or commenting to other blog, you should put your anchor text at your link page.

bokjae said...

Well done bleajar! I am using Wordpress too and seo plugins! congrats!

Auto Parts said...

look easy to get listing in google

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